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  • Name: Spiral-type sterilization machine
  • No.: e001
  • Date: 2016-01-27

Spiral-type sterilization sterilizer

First, use

For products, high viscosity products or dirt containing solids and solid residues more products, the use of a spiral tube heat exchanger, can be more convenient heat exchange heating and cooling process, disinfection, sterilization treatment. Especially in the herbal extract contains more starch heating or cooling process, the effect is a plus.

Second, the technical characteristics

1. The spiral inside a spiral shape, the liquid produced through the spiral-shaped whirlpool, a high heat transfer efficiency, dirt rarely produced.

2. Heat a small temperature difference between the medium and the material can be achieved moderate heat, heat transfer tubes using a bellows, materials and heat transfer media are working in a turbulent state, high heat transfer efficiency, less fouling, extend the service life of sterilization.

3. The use of advanced technology materials pipe wall polished, fully automatic cleaning piping design, the whole process of automatic sterilization device, ensure sterility.

Third, the structural characteristics of

1. strong system security, system accessories are chosen good performance, high reliability system design attaches great importance to personal and equipment safety, steam, hot water, and other materials have pressure protection and alarm systems. The main components of materials such as pumps, heat pumps, all kinds of valves, control systems and electrical components are world famous brand implementation of the device.

2. Spiral pasteurizing machines and yogurt dedicated sterilization can be designed according to user requirements.

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