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  • Name: Percolation tank
  • No.: d007
  • Date: 2016-01-27

First, the device uses and properties

Percolation tank is a traditional Chinese medicine extraction equipment, this equipment is suitable for medicine, food and chemical industries such as percolation operation is the dynamic extraction equipment. High utilization of the solvent, the active ingredient leaching complete, can directly collect leachate. Applies to precious herbs, medicinal herbs and high concentrations of toxic agents, it can also be used to lower the content of the active ingredient of Extraction.

Second, the device characteristics

1. With solvent distribution, slag and convenient.

2. The clamping device is equipped with herbs and cylinder leakage collection means to prevent floating and medicinal herbs pollution.

3. slag doors fitted directly on the bottom heating, the organic solvent is fully recovered herbs.

Third, the percolation tank type

The equipment consists of cylinder, cone, oval or flat head cover, pneumatic slag door, console and other pneumatic components.

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