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  • Name: Alcohol precipitation tank
  • No.: c001
  • Date: 2016-01-27

Alcohol precipitation tank

First, use

Alcohol precipitation tank by a standard elliptical head, cylinder, cone bottom and paddle stirrer composition, made of stainless steel in the pharmaceutical alcohol precipitation process equipment. Alcohol precipitation tank is mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, health food products, such as alcohol precipitation, it is the key equipment alcohol precipitation step. Also applies to other pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries of the suspension at room temperature or frozen precipitation, solid-liquid phase separation process operation.

Second, the technical characteristics

1. feed liquid within the device fully enclosed settlement, in full compliance with GMP requirements.

2. spinner pitched blade paddle stirrer, can extract mixed with ethanol, to meet a variety of materials settle, the supernatant was precipitated more thoroughly.

3. tank with a sight glass, can be clearly observed stratification.

4. The jacket can pass into the freezing water to precipitate the effect is obvious, can effectively control the temperature difference generated by natural sedimentation processes.

5. This equipment and liquid material contact parts are made of stainless steel, in full compliance with (GMP) standards.

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