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  • Name: Korean multi-function extraction tank on slagging basket
  • No.: a001
  • Date: 2016-01-27

BTQ series on slagging basket Korean multi-function extraction tank

First, use:

The device is suitable for leaching plant products contain ingredients extraction. The devices combine traditional Chinese medicine, plant, food, atmospheric and pressurized water to cook, warm dip, aromatic oil extraction and organic solvent recovery operations and other technology, widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries.

Second, the technical characteristics

1. slagging basket extraction tank with a U-plus hot wok no dead ends;

2. The self-locking pneumatic control slagging door;

3. The basket type plus tank;

4. The district heating segment;

5. deter thermal isolation zone;

6. Toru drain system.

The equipment at work between discourage baskets and wall heating the material with thermal isolation and heating wall completely separated, eliminating dead heat generated false boiling, after completion of the extraction liquid material can be completely drained. Extract improves leach rate in a completely uniform temperature conditions, so that the yield is greatly improved.

Third, the structure

This set of equipment by the extraction tank, demister, condenser, cooler, oil-water separators, extract filter, circulation pump and other components.

Fourth, the device type: (STS304, STS316L) 500L ----- 25000L

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