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Talent Concept

Talent is the most important resource for enterprise development and the key to business success. Employees are the “first element” in enterprise operation. Outstanding employees are the key to enterprise success. Only by giving play to each employee’s ability to the hilt can make every employee to work according to his ability and create the most value.

We pay attention to each employee’s career development, implement training for all the employees, build a learning-oriented team, and made and provide employees with multifaceted multi-level professional training for staff, including new student training, management training, etc. to enhance the overall quality and operational capacity of the employees comprehensively. We create a professional talent team in enterprise development and form a culture of giving full scope to the talents and putting virtue in the first place.

We adhere to the principle of human resources are the primary resources, using personnel according to their talents and providing posts based on ability. We use a competition mechanism of promoting the capable and demoting the incapable, stimulate employees’ potential and creativity, and give the talented conditions for growth and value enhancement. We insist on a talent concept of “Discovering Able People and Putting Them at Suitable Posts”, measure an employee’s value to an enterprise with his ability and contribution, make the honest, diligent, dedicated, capable and efficient outstanding talents stand out; therefore, we implement the personnel selection principle of “ability determines posts; and contribution determines value”.

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